Our new dedicated solution for epilation and skin rejuvenation comes in three different versions all usable by non-medical personnel in aesthetic boutiques.

Ask our sales agent which model better suits your needs.

Just like every product from Hyper Photonics, CLIO features a built-in personal computer where the operator can save treatments videos and data for each patient, together with information and feedbacks.

Remote diagnostic and troubleshooting offered as standard thanks to ethernet connection.

Specifications and Models


Main Features

Compact and light
Different wavelenghts
Integrated skin cooler
Soft&Fast (S&F) mode for a painless treatment 
Remote diagnostic
Remote upload of customized software
Wide range of accessories
Ethernet connection
Variable pulse width
Advanced patient database
Low noise



Easy to use
Effective due to the wavelenghts highly absorbed by melanin
Fast because of the large treated area and high repetition rate
More effective than IPL with fewer treatment session
Both the 808nm and 760nm provide a painless treatment thanks to Soft&Fast Technology
Maintenance-free Handpiece



  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation